A Drake and Migos Filled Weekend in Atlanta


Martell was a sponsor for the Drake and Migos tour that concluded in Atlanta this weekend. Since it’s Atlanta, that meant three concert nights and then three afterparties…and I went to most of them (the afterparties, not all the concerts). Clearly, this “living my best life” weekend is why I missed posting on Saturday and Sunday.

Through this eventful weekend, I’ve learned the following to be true:

  1. Drake’s stamina is unmatched. I went to see the concert on Friday night. For two hours Drake ran (literally ran and not literally like when people mean figuratively and use literally. He actually did it.) across the stage performing. The stage was also the size of a full length basketball court. I don’t know how he did it. I was exhausted just watching him (or maybe it was because I was out late the night before).

  2. I don’t know as many Migos songs as I thought I did. The Migos had the first set of the concert and I was really excited to see them. I think it’s because Quavo is an ambassador for Martell and the affiliation makes it seem like we’re part of the same thing. However, after the first two songs I realized that I only know about five of their songs and even with those five, I can’t sing along. Awkward.

  3. Bottle service nightclubs are not for me. I won’t say that they all aren’t. But the ones that attract a mainstream crowd that just likes to sit around and stare at each other and smoke hookah and have bottle ordering competitions…are not for me. I went out three nights in a row and I found it incredibly boring, but I was fascinated by the amount of people that signed up for this weekly. Give me a place where I can dance with great music please. I just don’t see any other purpose to having music so loud. I also realize that it might be my age. Being out just to take selfies isn’t my thing.

  4. Whoever thought of sparklers for bottle service is a genius. Seriously a genius. I’m amazed at how these little shiny lights can feed the ego and make another group want to outdo the first group. It was so clear to me that this is what was happening. One group would order 5 bottles. Then another group would order 10 and then another 15. Then it was also who could have the most model-esque women in their section. Again, I don’t understand it all. But, the bottle sparkler inventor…genius.

  5. I’ve got my mojo back. Oh behave.