About holy sip

A Seat At the Bar

Holy Sip is located in downtown Atlanta in the Waterlab building in Castleberry Hill. The studio is where we test concepts for our clients and home to our cocktail tastings. It’s also where we’re currently recording our upcoming podcast.

In 2004, I opened a bar named Studio No. 7. One of the things that I realized while running a bar is that creating intimate experiences around spirits and food where I could connect people to each other meant more to me than anything else. That's what Holy Sip is about. Each story, each cocktail and each dinner is meant to take you on a journey.

So in short, Holy Sip is a media company that tells stories and creates experiences for the spirited traveler. I believe that imbibing can be part of a healthy lifestyle and that it’s best when done with good company.

Shannon Evans
Founder, Holy Sip