How to Get An Alcohol (or Any) Sponsor for Your Event


The truth is, there is a lot of sponsorship money out there. Brands are constantly looking for ways to put their products and services in front of the right people. However, the truth also is that many events and event organizers aren’t positioned properly to get a sponsorship.

After working on both sides of the industry, here are my tips on how to get an alcohol sponsor.

  1. Create something meaningful. Before looking for sponsorships, actually create something. And I don’t just mean sketch it out and think about it a lot. Actually do it. I’ve come across a lot of people that want to talk about sponsorship, but they’ve never created anything ever. Brands want to know that you’re trusted in your field and that more importantly you’re capable of follow through.

  2. Understand the brand. Do you know the history of the brand? Do you know who they’re targeting? Does that fit with your event and what you’re trying to accomplish. There should be natural synergy. That starts with doing your research. There are tons of companies out there. Pitch the right one.

  3. Identify the win/win. What’s in it for them? If you’ve identified the right brand from the step above, you should be able to articulate this. However, that’s not just it. How many people will be there? Why do these people matter? Are you placing items in gift bags? Will there be things on social? Do you have a thoughtful way of incorporating the brand into the event? Is it all seamless?

  4. Forge real relationships. Go to events and make friends with the decision makers for these brands. Support the brand. If you’re doing that and also creating meaningful things, then they’ll probably reach out to you.

I work with one of the most brilliant minds in the spirits industry (well, in general), Karim Lateef. He’s written a great article that provides even more insight than what I’ve laid out here.