Keurig for Cocktails?!


I don’t drink coffee often. But when I do, it’s normally from a Keurig machine. I don’t own one, but whenever I see one, I feel the urge to have. I blame it on my first experience with the machine. I was staying at an Airbnb in the mountains in North Carolina. It was a quick peaceful getaway and the accommodations were perfect. The Airbnb had a Keurig machine. So now I associate Keurig with vacation and relaxation. Is’t it funny how experiences work?

Keurig just announced that they are releasing Drinkworks, a machine just for cocktails. There will be pods (with alcohol and syrups) like the coffee machine and then you add water to the system. It’s currently only available in St. Louis, MO and they will then roll out to California and Florida.

I don’t really have a use for this, but I’m not against the idea.