And Then I Failed (Not at Life, Just My Water Fast)


I should have known when I woke up hungrier than usual.

I should have known when I took a nap around 11am and dreamt that I’d accidentally eaten something while I was on the fast.

I should have known around 2pm when I started to pity the macaroni and cheese that would go to waste if I stuck to this water fast thing for the next three days.

I should have known at 3pm when I took a break from working to get some Netflix binge watching done and had to pass on The Final Table and settle for Narcos Mexico instead (and then the random rice and beans scene made me regret this decision).

At 4pm when I realized how much work I had to do over the next few days and how weak I already felt, I decided it was time to accept defeat and try again another time.

I waited until 7pm to prove to myself that I had some semblance of willpower and then I ate.

So, new plan. I’m going to eat clean for the rest of the week (minus the macaroni and cheese) and give my body a chance to be prepared. I’m blocking out Saturday, Sunday and Monday so that I have nothing to do but rest and fast.

Lesson learned: This is going to take even more mental fortitude than I originally thought.