I've Started A 3-Day Water Fast


Am I crazy? No. At least I don’t think so. Originally I planned on doing the Arden’s Garden Detox, but then I remembered that I hated it when I tried a couple of years ago. So then I wondered if I could just do water. After some digging on the all knowing Internet it turns out that a water fast has some amazing health benefits and is actually what I’ve been looking for without knowing it.

Ever since I came back from DC, I’ve spiraled into a pattern overindulging with food and alcohol. On top of that, I’ve been out so much these past few weeks. I’m allergic to smoke and I know that I’ve inadvertently inhaled too much. I just feel all around blah. I think my body just needs a rest and time to reset and supposedly, these are some of the benefits of water fasting. Additionally, I could also use the time to work on my self control and strengthen myself spiritually.

So for the next three days, I’m drinking nothing but distilled water. I started at midnight this morning. At 11:58pm, I ended eating by tossing some kettle corn popcorn into my mouth along with the last of my red wine. I’m sure this is an ill-advised way to do it. I’ve read that you should eat clean for a few days before the fast. Clearly, I did not.

I’ll let you guys know tomorrow how Day 1 went.