Give Me One More Chance


It was junior year of high school. Our marketing teacher assigned us a project to write a business plan for any business that we wanted to create. I did mine on a nightclub. It would play mainly reggae/dancehall music, but when you walked in every night, the Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance Remix” would be playing in the entryway/tunnel that you had to enter through to get to the dance floor. I was 17 at the time and this seemed brilliant to me.

I thought about this last night as I was at the Vain ATL party. It’s an event that started at Studio No. 7 and ran successfully for three years. Last night was the first night that it was at a different location. It’s also the first night that I’ve been truly emotional since Studio No. 7 closed. They weren’t bad emotions, just he result of things changing and evolving.

As I was near tears, “One More Chance” came on. In that moment, I remembered that even though I wrote a nightclub business plan at 17, I’d put that idea on the shelf for many years. By the time Studio No. 7 opened, I’d actually forgotten all about that desire that I had at such a young age. I don’t think when I was writing the plan that I actually thought that owning a space was realistic in my life. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to live out one of my dreams and a fire has been ignited inside of me to see what else I can achieve.

For now, I’m returning to one of the earliest dreams that I had…writing. I have to see what kind of writer I can be because it’s nagged at me for so many years and I’ve been reluctant (fearful) to pursue it. (I also know that I’m meant to create a hotel of some sort because it’s a thought that won’t leave my mind.)

However, for the first time since Studio No. 7 closed I feel it’s possible that I’ll give owning a space another chance.