Can I Have Some Vermouth With My Vermouth?


As I mentioned yesterday, sangria was a bust in Barcelona. I’m glad I figured this out on Day 2. That way I could dedicate the rest of my trip to trying as many vermouths as possible.

Before this, I’d only thought about vermouth as something you add to a cocktail…take classics like a manhattan or martini for example. However, after just my first glass, I immediately saw the appeal. I started with a glass of Padro & Co which I loved (now I’m wondering why I didn’t bring any home. This is a fail.) and then ventured into house vermouths. Just about every bar I went to had there own house vermouth on tap.

Before this, I’d never even realized that you could make vermouth so easily. My new project (this is a very well intentioned one day) will be to test out different recipes for vermouth. It seems like a perfect way to not waste wine (eh hem..kinda like sangria.)

So, when in Spain, don’t drink sangria. drink vermouth. Think of it as sangria’s much more grown up and assertive sister.