The Art of Being Still


I’ve been at home for about a week now. First, it was the costochondritis and then the side effects of the medication, followed by what I think was a cold creeping into the mix. But who knows, maybe it was all the medicine.

Either way, I’ve embraced this moment to sit still and reflect on the year and prepare for a new one. I’ve had eureka moment after eureka moment and I know that all this new inspiration is flooding in simply because I have the time to embrace it. For once, I’m not running around from meeting to party to event. I’ve been allowing my body and mind the space to rest and it’s given me so much in return.

This morning I came across an article on how to welcome the winter solstice which is today. The whole thing is a good read, but the paragraphs below really summed up what I think I’ve been experiencing.

But springing into action isn't the best way to ring in the occasion. In fact, if there is one time to rest and recharge your spirit, it's now. Growing all year is hard work, and it can leave us depleted. As much as possible in today's go-go-go society, you should take the solstice as a cue from nature to draw all your energies in and grant yourself some space to just be still without judgment.

The power of this season is all in the unseen, which is really hard for our ego-driven, masculine-dominant minds to believe. We think we need to be doing something, being productive in order to be of value. But winter doesn't work like that.

Wisdom is received inwardly this season. It's not an active, outer quest for knowledge; it's an internal processing of what has happened and what is coming next. The veil between the spirit realm and our physical one is thought to be thin during this time of year, meaning you might be receiving some divine downloads: new inspiration about how to live your life, new ideas you feel a mysterious urge to bring to fruition. You need to be a clear vessel in order to receive all the new wisdom and information available to you this season.

I can’t wait to get back to creating, but I’m glad to know that in the meantime, my spirit is being renewed.