Living In A Sober Curious World


It started very suddenly. First I noticed cocktail bars with one or two mocktail options. Then, I noticed entire sections dedicated to nonalcoholic options. Then my friend Julia Bainbridge signed a book deal for a nonalcoholic cocktail book. Then I tasted Seedlip and was blown away by how much it tasted like a spirit. Now, I’ve read several stories about completely nonalcoholic bar pop ups. It’s safe to say that the sober curious movement has fully arrived.

While I’ll never be the person that goes to a cocktail bar and orders a nonalcoholic cocktail (I’d prefer to drink water) I think being able to have options for people regardless of why they are sober, is extremely important. I love alcohol and the industry, but wellness and wellbeing should come first. I appreciate the creativity that this is inspiring in bars. No longer is giving someone a mocktail that features lime and soda water acceptable.

Now that Diageo has bought a majority stake in Seedlip, I’m sure we’ll see more nonalcoholic spirits on the market.