Thrifting for the Best Vintage Glassware


As he started to leave he asked me, “Where can I get some good glassware?”

“The thrift store,” I responded.

He looked at me incredulously while pondering the thought for a moment.

“The thrift store?” he asked (knowing he’d heard me right but still unsure why that was my response.)

“Yes!” I answered. “They have the best stuff. Any of them.”

I then pointed him in the direction of a few that were close by and he went on his way, leaving the coffee shop where we keep bumping into each other. (Where did you think we were?)

I understood why he was put off at the thought of scrummaging through thrift stores for glasses good enough to hold his bourbon (I’m completely assuming he’s drinking bourbon, but I’m 100% confident about this). I’m not a thrifter. I’ve always admired people that can wield their eyes at items in the aisles and pick out treasures where I only see junk…other people’s old junk at that.

That was until I started looking for glassware for Holy Sip. I wanted interesting pieces and the thrift store had them at great prices. I’ve become quite good at finding some amazing things like the coupe and decanter set that I found for $20. Also, I once picked up 80 champagne coupes for $40. Yes, they said the W Midtown on them, but they worked perfectly for the cocktail party at my house.

Later that night I got a message from the guy saying that he’d lucked up and found some great stuff at the Salvation Army. So see, it’s not only me. Even the most skeptical person can find great glasses at the local Goodwill. It’s where I’ll continue to go. But sorry, I still can’t wear people’s old shoes.