The Light Is Fixed


I spring clean in the winter, around early December.

I’ve altered Jay’s lyrics a little, but that’s how I felt after my apartment was cleaned yesterday.

In my last act of conquering the mess I’d created in my home, I fixed the light in the bathroom. It’s been out for about a year now. No, I’ve not been using the bathroom in the dark, there are other lights in there. This light however is the first light when you walk in. With it being out, you have to travel further into the bathroom to turn on the other light. I’m not crazy about the other light because it’s entirely too bright.

Yesterday, I trekked to Home Depot with one of the old bulbs in hand so that I wouldn’t screw up the purchase. I got back home, climbed on a ladder with screwdrivers in hand. Turns out I didn’t even need a screwdriver. But I did need some strength to unscrew the bolts that were holding the recessed lighting frame in place. After a bit of struggle, the light was in and the cover was back on.

I had to go in the bathroom several times between last night and this morning. Each time, out of instinct I reached for the other switch that I used to use. Then I’d remember that the new light was fixed and excitedly turn off the other light to turn on my preferred one.

As I did it this morning, I smiled to myself and said aloud “The light is fixed.” It was this lightbulb moment (pun intended) where I realized that just as I’d avoided fixing this light for about a year, I’d done the same thing with my life. For most of this year I’ve been shedding my old habits and old people and shifted my focus to self development and inner healing. And finally, I know that my inner light is fixed.



Shannon Evans