Hi! Would You Like Some Conversation with this Loud Music?

I’m still recovering from Howard Homecoming last week. Everything about it reminded me that I’m getting (a little) older. When I could hear myself silently pleading with these kids (see) to put on a coat instead of prancing about in too thin and too tight clothing, I knew my life was different. I don’t even think I would have noticed it 10 years ago. (And 15 years ago, I was probably one of them.)

Here are a few other things that I realized that I can no longer do:

  1. Small talk, loud music - How are people doing this? My voice is still a little scratchy and I know it’s because I participated in this nonsensical behavior. I’ve long known that small talk is so hard for me to sustain. I need a deeper connection. Add loud music to this scenario and it’s a recipe for disaster. I don’t want you to yell at me over loud music and ask me how I’ve been. And I will no longer scream back, “Great!” while bopping away senselessly.

  2. No Purpose Drinking - I’ve always found it very hard to be out at a loud bar and just drink mindlessly. See above. (This also explains why I prefer dinner parties.) The conversations are meaningless and I just don’t want to be drunk the way that I’d need to be to find that activity fun. I’m no longer doing it. From now on, I’ll only go out if I know that I’ll be able to dance or converse.

  3. Selfie and Photo Parties - Whenever I see someone posting a bunch of photos on social media, I’m convinced that they weren’t having a good time wherever they were. They weren’t in the moment. I’m no longer going out with people that just want to take photos and do it for the gram. I’m not opposed to one or two…actually, I’m not opposed to whatever anyone else wants to do. I’m just not doing it with them. I’m pretty sure the first two points directly correlates with this last one.

So yes, Howard homecoming was amazing this year…I know, I know all the words I’ve said before this might make it seem like it wasn’t, but it was, I promise. It was great seeing and hugging people that I haven’t seen in years. I went to an amazing party where I got to dance like I was 21 again (my legs are still a little sore to prove it). And I had a chance to have some meaningful conversations and interactions with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Next year, I’m just cutting out the excess stuff and I’m giving serious thought to having a dinner party. You had to know that was coming.